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  • Pipe building industy
  • Sheet Beveling Machines
  • Offshore construction
  • Shipyard
  • Machine industry
  • Machine Rental

Leak test devices / Vacuumboxes





Robust and suitable for construction sites, maintenance-free selflubricating dry running vacuüm pump with a high vacuum power.
In a sturdy steel frame with two handles, complete vacuum gauge, vacuum regulator, air filter, dirt filter, water separator, waterproof motor protection switch and a 3 m power cable.
We also provide on request lubricated and maintenance-free vacuum pumps till 63 cbm / h.


Vacuum boxes are made of impact-resistant, transparent, flexible polycarbonate, which is encased in rubber profile and equipped with a special soft rubber gasket.
Vacuum boxes are equipped with a vacuum gauge which misjudgment is excluded by incorrect test vacuum.

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