Wortelboer BV makes machines and equipment for:

  • Pipe building industy
  • Sheet Beveling Machines
  • Offshore construction
  • Shipyard
  • Machine industry
  • Machine Rental



The Trav-L-Cutter is a portable milling machine.

It makes cold cuts, and/or bevels at the same time on all pipe sizes from 6" and up, on all pipe schedules and on any material that can be machined.

Secured by its own tensioning chain, it crawls around the pipe, cutting and/or beveling at the same time.

Operates Anywhere With air or hydraulic power, the Trav-L-Cutter will operate on horizontal or vertical pipe, in the field or in the shop. It cuts and bevels in a mud filled ditch or under water, where it has been used in chambers and free diving to depths of 600 feet. 

  • Download the documentation  the brochure  for more info.