Wortelboer BV makes machines and equipment for:

  • Pipe building industy
  • Sheet Beveling Machines
  • Offshore construction
  • Shipyard
  • Machine industry
  • Machine Rental

For quick and simple machining a tube end

Th. Wortelboer BV was established in 1946 and for the last 30 years we have been 
specializing in manufacturing machines and equipment for pipe working, pipe line building etc. 
As our motto says " if it is not available on the market we are going to make it" the PBM-6 machine 
was introduced in 1993. In answer to requests from our customers for a larger machine capacity 
machine, 2 years later the PBM-12 was result. In 1996 we manufactured the PBM-16 and in the 
year 1999 the PBM-24 machine. The last machine in the PBM-serie machines, the PBM-4 machine 
was introduced in the begin of 2006.   


Because of clamping by means of a self-centering mitred vise (prism) it saves time when used 
on different pipesizes (no separate clamping parts). Also we can supply a special set of cutters 
with inserts which are able to work the pipe in the hole range of the machine without adjusting the cutters. 


See undermentioned list of working times which have been measured by making a 30° beveling

Pipe diameter Wall thickness Material Working time
4" - 114,3 mm. 6 mm. St. 37 appr. 15 sec.
6" - 168,3 mm. 12 mm. St. 37 appr. 30 sec.
6" - 168,3 mm. 25 mm. St. 37 appr. 1 min.
10" - 273,0 mm. 19 mm. Duplex - appr. 2 min.
12" - 323,9 mm. 12 mm. Duplex - appr. 1 min.
16" - 406,4 mm. 13 mm. St.37 appr. 45 sec.
20" - 508,0 mm. 20 mm. Duplex - appr. 1 min.
24" - 609,6 mm. 25 mm. Duplex - appr. 1,5 min.

Obviously more forms of end preparation can be done. It is also possible to make a
combination of end preparations.