Wortelboer BV makes machines and equipment for:

  • Pipe building industy
  • Sheet Beveling Machines
  • Offshore construction
  • Shipyard
  • Machine industry
  • Machine Rental

KHC-600D range 80 - 600 mm

A unique machine developed through Advanced Technology and world wide experience.
The KHC-600D features compact design, light weight and operating ease.
Its main use is for high precision cutting of T-joint circles. Holes which cross the side of the pipe for pipe for piping systems, high pressure vessels and heat  exchangers. KHC-600D can cut a vessel from the inside or outside.
The KHC-600D user bonus is its ability to cut circles and bevel in flat plate.  

  • Cutting range Ø80 - Ø800 mm.
  • Vertical stroke 0 - 100 mm.
  • Cuttng thickness 5 - 50 mm.
  • Minimal diameter of the pipe to be cut is
    800 mm. As an option from 250 mm.
  • Weight 26 kg.


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